Suricata tv | Branding
We are a creative studio that believes in illustration and fantasy to survive in the new world.
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These are the Greeting cards BBVA sent out in 2016 and 2017. The final options were animated and sent by email.

Slave Children is a project by Ana Palacios, a documentary photographer who specializes in Africa. This exceptional work draws us closer to the world of child slaves. What happens when they manage to escape? Is there a way out? We created the poster, the computer graphics and several pieces for RR.SS.

Design Thinking is a short documentary film that combines various techniques to explain the famous Design Thinking method. The techniques used include stop motion, illustration, collage, animation, and traditional filming.

Lola Blasco is an old friend of Suricata’s. She is a playwright and theater director who won the National Literature Award in 2017. We designed her image. Her card, her logo, her website, and her theater posters.

Los Goliardos is a documentary project about the passion for theater, as seen through the history of a group of intellectuals who used art and culture to fight for personal and artistic freedom in the 1960’s.

Orphans is a theatrical adaptation of the work of successful English author Dennis Kelly for the production company Extradivarios.