AEDAS / Homefulness

Homefulness is a very creative and visual campaign for AEDAS. In this project we enjoyed working in a conceptual and also architectural way. Collage, technical and frame by frame illustration, all mixed up. We hope you like the result.



DIRECTOR | Aida Argüelles (Suricata Lab)

ILLUSTRATION | Sharay Pascual, Andrea Parrilla & Sara Martín (Suricata Lab)

ANIMATION | Elisa Cuadra (Suricata Lab)

PRODUCTION Co | Angélica Roma & Gustavo St. Clair Dogma Creative & Suricata Lab

SOUND FX | The Lobby & Suricata Lab

VOICE | Anuska & Iván Muelas

Confort Total


Confort lumínico


Confort acústico

Confort temperatura

Design & beauty

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